About Us

More than a shelter, BEP is a partner for growth.

In aliance with BC Manufacturing USA, BEP helps companies to cut costs and improve their global competitiveness through nearshore, outsourced manufacturing, assembly, fulfillment and HR services in the Bajío area.

With a history of developing close partnerships with our customers, BEP's Mexico-based shelter maquiladora services provide significant labor, tax, and justin-time production advantages compared to overseas options. Our close relationships and long-term experience with local, state and federal officials as well as our engineering and fiscal know-how - can also support the growth of your Bajio operations.

BEP has sales, marketing and administrative offices in the United States that work closely with our production facilities in Mexico. This combination allows us to offer you U.S. services at an offshore price. Our vision: to create strategic opportunities across borders for companies competing in the NAFTA and global economies.